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MajesTech is a search engine optimization company who has been in the SEO world
since 2013 and achieved heights in providing great work opportunities for its clients. We have a clientele of small startups to large companies and have a high level of satisfaction. The mission of MajesTech is to give businesses to all from smaller to larger firms and to ensure their success. You can use our services provided by our search engine optimization firm to get your company in front of potential customers looking for your products or services at the right time. We work within the search engines' guidelines and to provide content that is optimized for the best keywords. "We take the steps to publicize your company's website and get you connected to all areas, to provide the ease of use for finding your website. We provide you with long-term results in the form of increasing traffic and more sales to your website with the search engine's high quality and relevant content.

We provide you with search engine optimization services thereby increasing your work opportunities. Our primary areas of expertise include SEO services like:

Our custom plans are built with the many facets of your website in mind. Our plans may include some or all of the below services:

  • 1. Link Building
  • 2. Search Engine Marketing
  • 3. Lead Generation
  • 4. Local Business Optimization
  • 5. Social Media Optimization Link Building:

Link Building

When we come up with new websites not many will know about it. We will have to publicize it to make the website achieve the goal for which it was made. This is one of the major concerns as how well and often your site shows up in search results. It is based on the number of high-quality, relevant links referring to your site. The higher the quality of the content and the more the number of sites referring to your sites would make your website achieve more traffic thereby increasing your website's chance to appear first in the search engine results. Here, at MajesTech we use different methods to attain these high quality links and improve your rankings in the search engines and increase your publicity.

Social Media Optimization

Social media has become an integral part of the web arena. We, along with our staff members, are frequently in touch with the social networking stage and finding ways to use social media to improve and raise our clients' website publicity. When we use these Social Media options, there is a greater chance of your website achieving more traffic, as these Social Networking sites are those places where many people flock together. We can make your social profiles on social networking sites improve your icon, put up your brand, and increase traffic to your website. Here, we will create a social media optimization approach that will work for your business.

Thank you for your interest in MajesTech. If you would like to learn more about how we can help with your online marketing, feel free to contact us at and give us a chance to provide you the best and the quality feedback that we can, by answering questions or comments. For more please see our contact information.

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Client Testimonials

Great bunch of guys, very amiable, helpful, and always at the ready. I'm grateful. Thanks again, guys.
John Soister. Brooklyn, New York.

Thank you MajesTECH for helping me with my computer issue. Your customer service is above and beyond compare! I really appreciate the time and effort given me.
- Aimee Hallermeier Ent

It makes my mistakes so much easier to fix when you have a techie that you understand & does not get upset if I am not able to understand what I am doing!!! That is a very hard to find with other techs I've used with other company's!!!...I am very impressed with your company!! Thank you very much!!
- Sharon Glancy, Coatesville, Pennsylvania

I am not computer savvy and I was apprehensive about signing up for any subscription plan, but MajesTECH showed me the LIGHT. One of their technicians Darcy was most pleasant and informative. Thank you MajesTECH.
- Noreen Ryan-Bergdolld, Chicago

Dear Sirs: Your techies were very kind and know exactly what is wrong with my computer. I am very pleased with your company. Thank you very much
- Christine Knight. Kansas City, Missouri

My PC is old by tech standards and always hemming and hawing about what it wants to do especially on Facebook. I found this company and in the past few months have been more than delighted that they can get it to work! Rock on guys you're a blessing to me! Thank you! Tomorrow on to the laptop for a quick cleanup! :)
- Rita M. Prisco

I am very happy with the service that was provided to me through this company.
Rachel Desrochers. - Vero Beach, Florida

I am very pleased with the service I have received thus far working with MajesTECH Technical Services. There is no comparison between the previous company I worked with and MajesTECH. I highly recommend them.
- Jeanette Summers

Awesome job. They helped up through the steps one at a time. Thank you so much we are grateful. - Lynn and Kevin Reynolds.
- Orange, Virginia

Thank you MajesTECH for helping us at a difficult time, we sincerely appreciate your kindness, your info, and helping us to get back on the Internet in a timely fashion. We would recommend you to any of our friends. Thank you from Bryan and Mary, we are senior citizens, but still have a zest for living.
- Mary Sliger. Bridgeport, Illinois.

I recently called on MajesTECH Technical Services to help me with problems with my laptop. I was so fortunate to get help from your employee by the name of Shawn. His courtesy, patience and knowledge was above the normal. His supervisor needs to give him a big fat raise. Also at the end of my session with Shawn I had occasion to talk with Steve. He too was very nice. I would refer your service to all my friends that need professional help with their ailing computer.
- Barbara E. Grinnell

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